Gates Talks Up Mobility, Whidbey to Developers:

"Meanwhile, regarding the mobile space. Gates said: 'Mobile is one of the most exciting new areas for applications. We want to make sure these applications are rich and that they fit in with other devices.' In addition, 'Web services are getting to be so key in this space and we want the Web services calls to be the same on all devices.'

Gates said there will be more than 100 million smart devices by 2007 and that the company's Windows Mobile technology will penetrate the mobile phone market. In terms of Windows Mobile momentum, 37 companies are building hardware and more than 50 mobile operators are supporting it, he said. And while more than 2.5 million programmers use Visual Studio, there are now more than 380,000 Windows Mobile developers, he added.

Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition includes support for square-screen resolution and dynamic screen switching between landscape and portrait modes, in addition to support for Video Graphics Array (VGA) and Quarter Video Graphics Array (QVGA) found on devices with higher-resolution displays. "

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