The future is Kuma:War

Kuma:War News:

"'All traditional news channels can do is ask the questions,' says Keith Halper, CEO of the New York-based news-cum-games service. 'What we did was get on-the-ground photos, satellite images and so on to model the building exactly. You put that all together, provide all the info for the user to consider the alternatives, to see the place as the soldiers there did, and then you perhaps understand why they didn't storm the building, how it could have meant a lot of troops getting shot...

'We live between being the news and being a game,' adds Halper. 'We wanted to put people in the middle of situations they read about or see on TV so as to better understand them. People submerge themselves in games, so they're important in terms of the emotional perspective they can offer. And to win them you need a grasp of the strategic detail that is often hard to grasp when presented through normal news channels. This is a potentially very powerful adjunct to traditional media.'"

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