3-D Is Not for Me: "In fact, when you think about it, is the real world really the environment we want to duplicate for our computers? Do we want to make it as easy to misplace virtual content as it is to lose our car keys or the TV remote?

Some of you may be thinking that I'm just an old loser who should stick to his command lines and point-and-click interfaces?Dthat I should leave 3-D to the youngsters who are more comfortable in rich gaming interfaces. But I'm a hard-core gamer, and I do love the 3-D interfaces in games.

Here's the difference: When I'm playing Half-Life or Splinter Cell, I expect their interfaces to emulate the real world. That's the point. However, when I'm writing reviews for eWEEK or even doing my taxes, I don't need or want real-world emulation and 360 degrees of virtual space."

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