LinuxPlanet | Reports | Sun Wants to Make Linux 3D | Beyond the Second Dimension:

"Sun saw great potential in Looking Glass from its beginnings as an experimental proof of concept. 'When we saw the prototype and saw a great opportunity, we built an engineering team around the idea. What we are doing is dissecting the original concept and rebuilding it using traditional desktop graphics technologies,' Soto says.

While it certainly sounds like an attractive approach to an operating system, analysts say it's too early to say what impact (if any) Looking Glass could have on Linux or the general operating system market. Tom Murphy, senior program director at Meta Group, wants to know what they will do with it.

'I think in and of itself, it has a big wow effect. It's cute to see these things like 3D animations of stuff moving around and think of collaborative space, but how does it make my business more productive?' Murphy wonders. He believes, they need to tie the product to business productivity to make it successful. 'As it's shown (in the demonstration), if it's not going to make me more productive, then who cares?' "

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