Neal Stephenson Decodes Cryptonomicon:

 "Neal Stephenson has been called 'the Quentin Tarantino of postcyberpunk science fiction' by the Village Voice. He took the SF world by storm with his novels Snow Crash, The Diamond Age, and Zodiac. He's been compared to Thomas Pynchon and William Gibson, but Stephenson has a style all his own. His hip, literate novels are read religiously by SF fans and high-tech business types alike.

In his massive novel, Cryptonomicon, Neal Stephenson tells an intricate, fast-paced story of World War II codebreakers, stashes of Axis gold, modern-day data havens, and digital currency. Cryptonomicon has enough tech to tantalize any cyberpunk fan -- everything from undersea fiber-optic cables to a Perl script to try out at home. Stephenson stopped by to field some questions about undersea cable, submarines, character development, and his favorite operating system."

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