"The Boston Globe's Anne Kornblut does a pretty good job of summarizing the pounding John Kerry took from the President and Vice President yesterday , but not even she can capture the impact such a focus takes on Kerry, especially after the week that he has had. Kerry's recanting of his Christmas-Eve-in-Cambodia narrative and the absurdity of his 'magic hat' tale already had him reeling when, with the backdrop of battles raging with radicals in Najaf, but with the real government of Iraq backing the U.S. offensive, the picture of a weak, indecisive, 'sensitive' and truth-challenged commander-in-chief Kerry had obviously sent the already wobbly Kerry campaign into meltdown. New spokesmen appeared by the hour, and Drudge was adding his own brand of salt to Kerry's wounds. Now Gallup has the president's approval rating back above 50%, and the president holding the lead he established during Kerry's big bounce period.

I expect a pro-Bush 527 to produce an ad shortly with ominous music, quoting John Kerry in 1979, 1986, and 1992 about his Christmas-Eve-in-Cambodian adventure, (Glenn's post has the details from those three episodes), followed by more ominous music and quotes from his 'magic hat' interview in June of 2003, followed by a script read of his spokesman's recanting the excellent adventure story, followed by a close: 'John Kerry wasn't telling the truth about Vietnam for 30 years"...

Read Hugh Hewitt each and every day.

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