Wired News | The War Room: "For decades, the entertainment industry and the military were advancing the science of simulation on widely divergent tracks. The Pentagon focused on developing high-end proprietary systems like the Close Combat Tactical Trainer - a networked tank simulator that costs about 241 million - while game developers loaded 2449 first-person shooters with enough pixelated firepower to convey the dynamics of skeletal trauma and the physics of explosions in ever-closer-to-real time.

Those tracks converged at a 1996 workshop hosted by Michael Zyda, now the head of the simulation lab at the Naval Postgraduate School. Former Disney Imagineer Danny Hillis and Pixar cofounder Ed Catmull brainstormed about 'experiential' computing and electronic storytelling with representatives from Darpa, Intel and Industrial Light & Magic as well as the future head of ICT-- a Paramount TV exec named Richard Lindheim. The papers from that workshop persuaded the Army to launch the Institute for Creative Technologies in 1999."

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