John Battelle's Searchblog: Majestic on GOOGLe: Brother, Can You Share a Dime?: "Today's insights have to do with Google. My headline? On average, Google gets nearly a dime for every search it serves in the US. A recent report from Majestic, based on proprietary Comscore data as well as Majestic's own panels and other sources, notes:

- 98 percent of GOOG revs are from paid search. 65% of revs are domestic.

- Q3 domestic growth driven by 7% quarter to quarter increase in paid introductions (paid clicks), to 964 million, and a 2% quarter to quarter increase in average price per click, to 5%.

- Average CPC: 54 cents, up a cent quarter to quarter.

- Revenue per query grew 8.3% quarter to quarter to nine cents. (That's right, every search we do on Google makes them nearly a dime, on average).

- Overall US searches grew 6% quarter to quarter, Google powered searches grew by .2%.

- In Q2, 51.9% of all searches on the Google Network included at least one paid listing.

- Of those, 32% include at least one paid introduction.

That's nearly 17% of all searches ending up with a click on a paid link. "

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