ClickZ Experts on Strategic Advertising Issues: "This explosion of information and applications on the Web has led to a conundrum. In a word: clutter. We may know what we're looking for and that it's out there, somewhere. We may even have found it in the past. But we can never seem to find it when we need it. Applications are difficult to remember and use. Information is difficult to find. Moreover, the two don't integrate, so making use of the information even if you do find it is hard. Witness our 'dependency' on search.

Still, the quest for new and better ways, and thus the evolution, continues. In the middle of the Web's second decade, a third wave of innovation is occurring. Having moved from document access to application access, the third wave is about simplicity, context, and unification. How does the consumer Web become fundamentally easier to use? That's the next burning question -- and challenge."

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