Will Moxi fail? | Engadget | www.engadget.com: "He says Moxi is doomed to fail because it tries to do too much and that the average person is likely to be overwhelmed by all of its functionality; he even lamely trots out that old cliche of how the average person can�t set the clock on their VCR (c�mon Phil, you can do better than that!). It�s funny, they used to say the same thing about TiVo � that it was too complicated for anyone to use � but now Swann�s complaint is that Moxi isn�t enough like TiVo, and that Comcast should be marketing it as a digital video recorder rather than this all-in-one digital entertainment hub. We�d be inclined to agree with him, except that the Moxi isn�t meant to be the only fancy digital set top box that Comcast offers to its subscribers, it�ll simply be the one that the power users go for. "

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