| Hybrid Power Opportunity: "At first glance, hybrid car economics just don't make sense. A conventional engine costs about $70 per horsepower-or, in electrical units, about $50 per kilowatt. Now add the extra cost of going hybrid: The power electronics required to convert horsepower to kilowatts run $6 a kilowatt, battery packs add another $25, and then you need electric motors, at $15 a kilowatt, to turn electricity back into shaft power to drive the wheels. For an SUV these and related electrical parts are going to run something like $5,000. Why pay for all that extra hardware when it ends right back where it began, in the mechanical power of a spinning shaft?

Cut to the chase: You'll buy it, and like it. By 2015 almost every new car and truck will be built around a hybrid drive. Detroit hasn't witnessed a comparable revolution in automotive technology since the days of Henry Ford. Companies that catch the wave are going to prosper. "

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