A tale of two services: NetSuite and Salesforce.com: "As you might expect, NetSuite believes that Salesforce.com's emphasis on CRM is flawed. 'Salesforce.com's vision seems to be that all the functionality they don't have, which includes critical applications for accounting, order management, inventory, e-commerce, and professional services automation, is the responsibility of each customer to build or buy and integrate,' said NetSuite founder and CTO Evan Goldberg. Nelson said that with the forthcoming release, NetSuite's CRM application has equivalent functionality to Salesforce.com's CRM.

Goldberg has a point. If Salesforce.com, and its competitors, can deliver a canonical CRM application as a service, with no-code customization and integration APIs, then why not other key business applications, especially for the lower end of the SMB market. After thousands of years of development, the business schemas for financials, payroll, purchasing, inventory, and customer portals are well documented and have substantial consistency across industries. A single data model and interfaces that abstract the business logic from the underlying database and hardware is critical to lowering the cost and complexity of business applications."

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