Riding the wave of video downloads | CNET News.com: "As home broadband connections proliferate, digital-content companies are chomping at the bit to offer broadband customers content such as movies. The challenge? Many consumers are used to buying their content through other avenues.

'There are already so many ways--DVD, VOD, P2P, cable TV, broadcast TV, satellite TV, pay-per-view, home video rental--1,001 ways to get the same mainstream movies easily and cheaply that the services are offering,' said Todd Chanko, an analyst with Jupitermedia.

'I figured if someone is that immersed in a topic, they'll go crazy when they find a place that offers content they're looking for.'

--Karl Quist

TotalVid founderTotalVid's advantage is that it provides obscure content, such as movies on mountain biking, to a neglected part of the market. TotalVid offers more than 1,000 titles, which cost up to $4 and expire after seven days. In a classic up-selling move, consumers can also purchase a DVD and permanent digital version of a movie and have the rental cost subtracted from the DVD buy"

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