Rough Type: Nicholas Carr's Blog: "are the seven characteristics of Brynjolfsson's top-performing firms: (1) they aggressively adopt digital (i.e., paper-free) processes, (2) they give employees easy and open access to information, (3) they empower employees to make decisions, (4) they tie employee pay to performance, (5) they invest heavily in corporate culture (values statements and the like), (6) they recruit top-quality people, and (7) they invest in their human capital (e.g., training). These characteristics aren�t particularly surprising. In fact, they could pretty much be summed up as Good Management 101.

But in a way that�s what makes them interesting. When you boil it all down, the keys to business success in the Information Age look pretty much the same as they always have: good management, streamlined processes, thoughtful incentives, smart people and an aversion to mindless bureaucracy. "

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