The Era Of The Mixmaster | "The hot air surrounding blogs and podcasts could melt steel. I've made a living from my own Web site since 1998. I worked on a Ziff Davis Internet radio operation two years before that. Today's "new media" just isn't that new.

That said, if you look carefully, the contours of 21st-century content creation are taking shape. Specifically, I see four distinct groups that will create content no matter what transpires on the business end of media:

-- Editorial pros. Writers, broadcasters, actors and those who employ them.

-- Commercial pros. Product placement will evolve into full-blown production of scripted programming by what we know today as advertisers.

-- Independents. Today's amateurs can expect lots of company.

-- Mixmasters. Blended content from multiple sources will excite consumers and intellectual-property attorneys, alike."

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