The complete list of chat abbreviations:
chat abbreviations - a definition from - see also: BRB, BTW, CUL, LOL, GIGO, ROTFL, chat terms, chat acronyms, acronyms used in online chatting:

"Chat abbreviations are commonly used in e-mail, online chatting, online discussion forum postings, instant messaging, and in text messaging, especially between cell phone users.

If you have a Palm OS or Pocket PC device, we've created a PDA version of this handy reference. Now you can carry over 250 messaging abbreviations in the palm of your hand. Download the mobile edition of our 'Chat Abbreviations' reference guide and start deciphering and conversing in the latest text messaging lingo while on-the-go.
404I haven't a clue
ADNAny day now
AFAIKAs far as I know
AFKAway from keyboard
AREAcronym-rich environment
ASAPAs soon as possible
B4NBye for now
BAKBack at the keyboard
BASBig a** smile
BBIABBe back in a bit
BBLBe back later
BBNBye bye now
BBSBe back soon
BEGBig evil grin
BFBoy friend
BFDBig f***ing deal
BFNBye for now
BGBig grin
BIBOBeer in, beer out
BIOYIOPBlow it out your I/O port
BLBelly laughing
BMGWLBusting my gut with laughter
BOTECBack-of-the-envelope calculation
BRBBe right back
BTABut then again...
BTDTBeen there, done that
BTWBy the way
BWLBursting with laughter
BWTHDIKBut what the heck do I know...?
CICOCoffee in, coffee out
C&GChuckle and grin
CNPContinued in next post
CRBCome right back
CRBTCrying real big tears
CUSee you
CULSee you later

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