Skinkers, Microsoft announce live, streaming content venture

The competion in the streaming video space (with its potential for massive advertising revenues) continues to heat up. In addition to Joost, the early innovater and leader, Microsoft pulls a suprise move with LiveStation, built on the new Silverlight platform. Some commentary from Ars Technica:

"Since Joost already does free, streaming television with plenty of extra features, why would a company even bother to go down this road? The answer is simple: because it is taking streaming video one further by offering presumably free, live content. In a video demo, Berlucchi also notes that LiveStation will be easily modified to work with mobile devices.

Though the demo video doesn't show much except some live content from the BBC, this service definitely sounds promising.  If Microsoft can get in bed with the right content providers, then LiveStation certainly could be a Joost killer.  If nothing else, LiveStation will at least help ensure that Silverlight is installed on thousands of PCs across the world, meaning that it could also be an accessory to the company's Flash killer."

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