Japan's Warp-Speed Ride to Internet Future : washingtonpost.com

My recent vacation in Tokyo gave me a pleasant if unsettling surprise: I logged on to check email and news from the laptop I was using, and the throughput was at 100Mbps-- in an average, normal residential home and neighborhood! Turns out Japan has fiber to the home widely available, and available cheaply at about $25 a month.

 Makes my Comcast cable modem connection at twice the price in Michigan seem pretty lame. Time for the US to play catch-up:

"The speed advantage allows the Japanese to watch broadcast-quality, full-screen television over the Internet, an experience that mocks the grainy, wallet-size images Americans endure.

Ultra-high-speed applications are being rolled out for low-cost, high-definition teleconferencing, for telemedicine -- which allows urban doctors to diagnose diseases from a distance -- and for advanced telecommuting to help Japan meet its goal of doubling the number of people who work from home by 2010."

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