AOL Launches BlueString

it's been awhile since I've thought about AOL, much less talked or wrote about them. Must be that, after the early days of online in the mid-90s, while suffering through AOL's dial-up services once too often, I developed a mental block.

AO who?

It was a pleasant suprise when I checked out the new Bluestring service they offer. Here's a nice little tool based on Adobe Flex that pulls together your media in all its various forms-- simply, easily and free. Check it out for yourself, just for fun:

 "AOL is launching a new collaborative multimedia story telling service called BlueString at TechCrunch 40. The site ,is a Flex application that lets you pull in all your image, video, and audio content from across the web and mix them together into a multimedia slide show presentation. The shows can be embedded, shared, and edited by your friends."

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