Microsoft’s Gatineau to Compete with Google Analytics

Google's had a great advantage in the market for the last couple of years, since it purchased the superb  Urchin analytics software firm and offered it absolutely free.... to paying Google customers.

If Microsoft can leverage this new Gatineau service in the same way, and start to leverage analytics by integrating data from its web tools and business applications (think Dynamics CRM and Windows Live services), we could all see some real exciting potential and new value generated. This all deserves some careful watching:

"Gatineau will be offered in an English version first, in countries that have local adCenter support teams. The purpose of Gatineau is to offer more targeted advertising options to marketers, with the provision of better analysis tools in order to get a better ROI. Some of the tools that Gatineau will provide include demographic segmentation, an integrated view of marketing campaign effectiveness, integration of conversion value data, and new tools for viewing behavioral data. "

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