Microsoft's "Me Too" Strategy: Can the Tortoise Beat the Hare?

It's always good fun to bet on the tech races, and this blog post is a great look at one of the hottest contests. I love Google's wide-open innovation, and the creative, integrated applications issuing forth from the GoogleBeast, but have the sneaking suspiscion that Microsoft is stumbling along on purpose, a couple of steps behind-- ready to lap Google's first 'beta' releases. Click the link above for the full take on this:

 "Microsoft has lifted the lid this week on a number of products that compete to various degrees with popular Google services. While Google fans and blogosphere cynics have derided the Microsoft offers as "me too" knock-offs, at first look Microsoft 411 and Live Workspace look really nice. Virtual Earth 6.0 also has a "newly open" SDK and the Popfly mashup engine also made its first appearance this week.

Much of this may be following in Google's footsteps - but fact of the matter, it could end up being better than what the search giant has already brought to market."

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