Google Customers = "Programmed Drones?"

This may turn into a nice flame war between Google and Ziff Davis, publishers of CIO Insight:

"Android is more evidence of the Google attitude and mimicking of Microsoft of 15 years ago. For Android is an empty promise—the worst kind of vaporware. The company has a code name, a promised product, a late 2008 delivery date, a list of partners and almost no details. Either in its arrogance Google refuses to share details or else it has none to share. I say both are right.

Android is the worst kind of FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) announcement. The timing is the giveaway: days after OpenSocial and right before Facebook announces its advertising platform. More broadly, Google has given enough lead time before next year's FCC auction to create doubt about the company's intentions. The lack of real Android information further feeds uncertainty about the extent of Google's mobile intentions. "

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