Software That Depicts Real-Time Events in Three Dimensions May Offer Distinct Advantages |
MC Press Online

After years--decades!-- of fits and starts, the latest 3D technologies coming to market offer real promise for real-world applications. Look for more information at this blog in the coming months as we focus on 3D technologies for market leaders.

One lively post to read right now at MC Press Online (HT to Mike Sansoterra):

"For some reason, which may date back to the Spanish Inquisition and threats of expressing our deeper beliefs, we have told ourselves that two-dimensional images are just fine and, if we could just see them in color, or just see them a little sharper, then we would feel quite happy-perhaps even blessed. Well, as the has-been news anchor Howard Beale says in the 1976 movie Network (directed by Sidney Lumet), "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore." Two-dimensional imagery simply isn't good enough! I want my 3-D! "

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