The Forecast for Cloud Computing

A couple of good takeaways from a solid article:

"Like all technological advances, cloud computing isn’t without risk. For instance, there are security risks related to commingling your data with that of other companies. And reliability concerns arise whenever you depend on a third party’s systems to be up and running 24/7, as companies that rely on’s fledgling Simple Storage Service, or S3, learned when the service went down for two hours last month.

"Still, IT folks seem willing to put up with the glitches in exchange for the potential benefits, as indicated by one online poster who chimed in on the Wall Street Journal Web site after reading of the Amazon outage. “Cloud computing may be new and may not be at telephone reliability,” wrote the S3 user, “but Internet hosting as a utility is a trend that’s well on its way.” "

... and of course:

"Marc Benioff, the CEO of who built his company on the slogan “No software,” says the distress over the perceived lack of security of the “multitenant” model—in which multiple companies’ application instances are stored on the same servers—is overblown. Granted, Benioff has reason to promote such a mindset, but the analogy he uses, comparing cloud computing service providers to the banking industry, has merit.

“If you met a CFO who insisted on keeping the company treasury in a safe in the basement, you’d think that he or she were nuts.”

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