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System i Morphs Into Power and 'i'

"In a bold consolidation move, IBM has removed and replaced the identity of the System i by turning it into an "i" operating system that runs on IBM's hottest POWER6-based hardware. Gone is the old identity of the integrated system, and along with it, presumably, the associations of a legacy system. The company has replaced System i and System p with a new line of unified servers with simplified pricing. The line is now officially IBM Power Systems, known as the IBM Power platform, with hardware server models branded with Power, as in, the Power 520, which will run AIX, Linux, or i5/OS. And i5/OS, by the way, really is simply "i." IBM is essentially shedding the old, keeping the best, and embracing the new.

The plan to mainstream i5/OS is well under way.

Groundbreaking News

Mark Shearer, IBM's vice president of marketing and offerings for the IBM Business Systems group, along with Ross Mauri, general manager of the IBM Power Systems group, jointly unveiled the massive change at a special town hall meeting today at the COMMON user group conference in Nashville. Due to a personal scheduling issue, I wasn't able to be at the town hall meeting, but I -- and several of my colleagues -- were pre-briefed at COMMON by Shearer and Ian Jarman, who is now the manager of Power Systems Software. Look for additional coverage of the town hall meeting itself here tomorrow. "

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