The price of fuel and travel are spiking and Americans are looking for new ways to communicate without burning fuel.  In fact, the price of airline fuel - per passenger - for a flight from New York to LA just passed $300.  That doesn't include any other airline costs!
Webinars and video conversations are picking up steam. 
But beware of 'on screen' gaffes. 
I know that I've recently presented and had an appointment pop up on my computer while presenting.  I also, in a semi-prepared presentation on our Reliability spam & e-mail threat protection, selected an example that was a bit over the edge on personal pharmaceuticals.  That example brought down the house.
The Wall Street Journal, Tuesday, June 10, 2008 has an excellent story about online meetings.
Their and my recommendations include:
  1. Plan ahead - rehearse - prepare
  2. Confirm technology - connections - camera angles ...
  3. Turn off IM, Office calendar, cell & office phones and other distractions
  4. Dress appropriately
  5. Be careful with mute and music on hold - both may fail or cause distractions for the entire online meeting.

Read the article for some entertaining stories about online gaffes we can all learn from.

Michael Ritsema

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