"Smith and Pieravi's presentation cites three stages of virtualization, with it implicit that getting through stages one and two is a prerequisite to cloud computing. Stage one is server consolidation through virtualization in the data center, along with virtualization of software development and testing. This stage already has taken place at many enterprises, and Smith and Pieravi say in 2008 we entered stage two, where implementation of virtualization leads to flexible resource management, juggling virtual machine operation through the day for dynamic load balancing, high availability, and disaster recovery.

"Stage three will begin in 2012, and according to slide nine, will take advantage of the virtualization skills gained in stages one and two. By knowing how to build and store virtual machines or design them from templates, IT managers will build virtual machines and send them over the wire to run in the cloud.

via Master Virtualization And You Master The Cloud - Plug Into The Cloud - InformationWeek.

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