Cal Thomas and Thomas Friedman deliver a couple of good reads today.

As the President of i3 Business Solutions, LLC, I'm very interested in the Michigan economy and United States economy.  The various states in America and the entire country are competing against the world for cost of doing business.

Apparently the governor of Indiana gets it.   Downsize government: lower taxes to grow business and generate jobs.  Business & jobs go where the cost of doing business is least expensive– lower taxes, lower regulation, fair wages and balanced benefits. Cal Thomas writes in his column:

“Indiana has the lowest business cost index in the Midwest and sixth lowest in the country. And most important of all in this “government knows best” climate, Indiana ranks first in the Midwest and 14th nationally in the Tax Foundation’s 2009 Business Tax Climate Index. Other states, like New York, New Jersey, California and Michigan, are driving businesses away because of heavy taxation…”   Read the rest of his article by clicking here:The Other Indiana.

Now, the flip side is that government does subsidize business in many different ways.  Thomas Friedman’s book Hot, Flat, and Crowded: Why We Need a Green Revolution--and How It Can Renew America addresses this variable.  Friedman also writes a great column recently about the ability of immigrants to lift the USA out of our recession, by buying empty houses and improving savings rates. America may be the only country in the world that millions would emigrate to– tomorrow– if given the opportunity.  These immigrants can help lift this economy if given the chance.

Read Friedman's recent column by clicking here:  The Open-Door Bailout.

Government and business are inexorably connected.  We're living through the great recession right now, and we're watching government make its moves to help haul us out of this worldwide recession.  As a business owner, I hope that they make moves that allow businesses to grow, hire and thrive in a worldwide competitive marketplace.

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