Jason Hiner makes many astute observations in his "Sanity Check" blog at Tech Republic. Some of his best are wrapped into this excellent April post about how we are beyond the 'OS wars" that the PC technology world gets so fixated on. And I agree with him 100% when he goes on to say that the Web browser is the standard interface for software applications. Here at i3 Business Solutions, our team is focused on web applications that integratre the best of classic IT systems with the new ecosystem opening oup on the web: Read Jason's entire post for more perspective:

"It’s possible that a combination of voice and touch could revolutionize the user interface (and thus the OS), or that another major innovation could make it faster and simpler for humans to work with computers, but for now the keyboard and mouse are as efficient as it gets. And, as a result, the computer OS has stagnated.

And, of course, the other thing that’s going on is that the Web browser is finally usurping the OS as the universal platform that was envisioned back in the mid-1990s. Please note that I’m not talking about cloud computing or software-as-a-service (SaaS). While applications and services delivered over the Internet are certainly part of the ascendency of the Web browser, they still have not reached critical mass in the business world and the trend is bigger than that.

What we’re seeing is that many businesses are using the Web browser as the front-end application to access private, back-end systems, from databases to CRM to ERP to payroll to corporate portals. And, why not? Since most users are very familiar and comfortable with Web navigation and Web forms, these corporate systems can tap into that experience to provide applications that have an easier learning curve than Windows-based business apps with their unique menus and interfaces."

via Sanity check: Have we now entered the post-OS era? | Tech Sanity Check | TechRepublic.com.

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