Detroit Red Wings Playoff Box View

Detroit Red Wings Playoff Box View

Have a look what appeared a recent Anaheim Mighty Ducks vs. Detroit Red Wings game.

Did you see it?

The Detroit Red Wings wireless access password was broadcasted across Canada on a recent hockey broadcast.

Look on the wall behind the gentleman in the press box. That is the Red Wings wireless access code. Does this resemble your business? Do you have your wireless access code posted in your kitchen, on the bulletin board or in a public folder on your Microsoft Exchange Server?

The Detroit Red Wings have broken best practice number one when it comes to IT security, never post your password for anyone to see it. Why do they have the network locked down?

How insecure is your business’ wireless network?

Wireless networks are critically important in business today, it is a core requirement for many of the clients that Bulletproof InfoTech serves in Calgary and Red Deer. When your business invests in a secure wireless infrastructure to support your staff it will ensure your team can move about the office easily, promoting collaboration and sharing of ideas. Many businesses still do not see the importance of locking down their wireless networks and simply trust basic security measures out of the business by many lower grade wireless access points and routers.

What is the risk to your business when you copy the example made by the Detroit Red Wings?

Theft of critical business data happens daily across the globe, many times the business and it’s management have no idea that a breach occured. Theft of business data, improper use of your business internet and social engineering can occur many hundreds of feet away from your office. Even across the street from one office tower to the next. What risk is your business at?

What can your business do to ensure the integrity of your computer information is maintained? Stuart Crawford, at Bulletproof Networks recommends these basic practices to ensure that your business is secured and the risk to your network is kept at a minimum.

  1. Invest in a commercial grade wireless access point - There are many firewalls and routers for sale in office supply & big box stores throughout America. Many of these solutions are fine for your home, however, rarely offer security needed by business. Many of these lower cost solutions can be easily hacked by sophisticated hackers and even those who scour the city looking for open and available Wi-Fi. Wireless solutions found in Cisco or SonicWALL (Bulletproof recommended) offer business a complete and secure wireless solution leveraging multiple layers of security, protecting your assets.
  2. Lock down your wireless - Even today there are still many businesses with open and hackable wireless networks. Many of these are often found but not limited to older pieces of equipment prior to WPA and WEP being enabled when you purchase your wireless router. You must ensure a complex wireless access code is enabled using a combination of upper case letters, symbols and letters. After you have secured your wireless, don’t pull a Detroit Red Wing move and post it for everyone to see. What use is securing your network when you post it on a wall or even email it to your employees?
  3. Trust the Professionals - Profession I.T. Services firms will ensure that your wireless access point is secure, Wi-Fi zones are isolated and trusted users can access resources on the network while those who are just visiting only have the access they are entitled to.

There are many focus areas when securing your wireless networks, protecting your business from anonymous surfers plus those that are guests on your network, only requiring limited access to resources on your computer network. i3 Business Solutions, much like Bulletproof InfoTech, ensures our own network is secure by layering access security zones and only giving wireless access to those who need it. Your network needs this security to ensure that your business data is kept secure at all times, your team productive and your Internet bandwidth available.

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