I can see the future and it looks like private sector innovation driving dramatic change in America and the world.

Yup, I'm biased toward technology and its destructive innovation driving change - we can believe in.  The Wall Street Journal recently published a review of the book:  Liberating Learning by Terry M. Moe and John E. Chubb.  You can read the review at: 

The Cyber Way To Knowledge

The Program for International Student Assessment ranks the average US 15 year old against 30 industrialized nations at 20th and 25th respectively in Science in Math.  Will more government funding thrown at education fix the problem?  I'm growing more and more skeptical.  Will the NEA fix the problem?  I doubt it.

Will technology and private enterprise innovation fix the problem?  I think so.  Read the article's byline:

Since labor costs keep rising, school districts will naturally turn to technology as a way to get more for less.

And they're doing it in Pennsylvania with a Cyber Charter School now serving over 8,000 students.   Millions of Americans choose to home school instead of placing their children into mediocre and misguided public educational institutions.  As Cyber Schools proliferate and their quality of services outpaces competitors, change will occur.  The quality of US education will improve against the world's standards.

It's called free markets, competition, entrepreneurial, innovation, capitalism, America!

Change I can  believe in - straight from the private sector.

Michael Ritsema
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