OK, I admit that I'm biased to technology as the answer to all of life's problems.  That may be an overstatement, but I'm still searching for proof otherwise.

So what is the foundation of America's unprecedented success as a nation:  the executive or legislative branch, courts or press?  These balance of powers provide for a free America.

Well, my answer: technology.   Seriously, freedom of the press is the current winner.   And freedom of the press is also the key to freedom around the world.  As information moves freely in totalitarian countries, Democracy leaks in.   Control the information that enters the minds of the people and one controls the people.  Examples abound:  cell phones in Iraq are up 10 - 100 fold, China is considering censoring the Internet to grab back some control and the only information moving in Iran right now is flowing from cell phone to Twitter. 

Information flowing through technology equals freedom and Democracy.  It takes time and patience, but information educates and enlightens minds.   That's why the Taliban's Madras system is so dangerous.  Minds are brainwashed into suicide bombings.

L. Gordon Crovitz makes this point well in the Wall Street Journal on Monday, June 23, 2009:

High Tech's Great Leap Backward

Will the world's computer makers kowtow to the Thought Police in Beijing

"Information remains the great enemy of authoritarian governments."  states Mr. Crovitz.

Exactly, technology and the free flow of information delivers the answer to all of life's problems.


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