America, apple pie, capitalism, free enterprise and entrepreneurship are defined by risking ones own (or others') capital for the reward of a return on investment.  

A new opportunity for risk reward awaits the daring in the world.

Icann, the private Internet domain name governing body, will expand Web addresses beyond .com, .org, .gov, .edu, .biz, .us, etc.    The web remains an open frontier of creative and disruptive ideas changing our lives one web site or concept at a time.  Read more about next Spring's entrepreneur's dream in the Wall Street Journal:

OPINION: INFORMATION AGE                          JULY 28, 2009

What’s Chinese for .limitedgovernment?


Want the next Yahoo, eBay, Amazon, Google or Facebook explosive web site that impacts the entire globe?  Well, throw down $200,000 and buy ".irs" or ".healthcare" or ".auto" before I do.

The global opportunities to impact our world in so many different ways continue to amaze me.

Opportunity knocks.    Who will open that door?

Michael J. Ritsema
i3 Business Solutions, LLC

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