Mike Ritsema, one of the partners here at i3 Business Solutions, was recently interviewed by the local media regarding the tax situation in Michigan. Click here for the video:

Click here for the full story at NewsChannel 3

Here are some additional comments Mike made:

""It seems to me, they understand if we give tax credits and abatement, it creates jobs and business, but they want to raise taxes on employers in the State of Michigan, and they don't correlate the two, it costs jobs," said Ritsema.

Ritsema owns i3 Business Solutions in Grand Rapids. He was a leader in fighting against the failed service tax in 2008. Many said that tax would have arbitrarily raised taxes on many businesses, everything from landscapers to consultants.

"I think it's the nature of government to choose winners and losers and as they looked at the State of Michigan, they said manufacturing's hurting, we're going to help manufacturing, we're going to move taxes over to other businesses and industries," said Ritsema.

Ritsema says he was surprised to hear about a new effort announced on Wednesday to try to revive a form of the service tax, essentially a tax on luxury and nonessential services."

Click here for the full story at NewsChannel 3

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