I am forever consistent & unabashedly a free market capitalist with conservative principles bordering on libertarian ideals.    Most know that I posit that technology (my own & company's specialty) 'holds the answer to all our problems.'

Bold statement or prediction:  the answer to our healthcare problem in America won't come from the government - but will come from both technology and India, China, Mexico, Costa Rica & cheap overseas delivery.

There's no doubt that healthcare in America needs repair.  The availability of insurance to protect against personal financial ruin must be repaired.  Spiraling costs to patients ... and physicians must be remedied.  Access to treatment must be improved.

Question:  is the government option or fix the answer?    Again, I submit that technology and innovation are the answer.

The Wall Street Journal October 20th, 2009 edition provides yet another innovative option.   High definition video can connect physician specialists around the world to any location with high speed internet - instantly.  Diagnostic results skyrocket!  Read about the innovation at:

Doctor, Can You See Me Now?
More Hospitals Are Using Video to Connect Patients With Specialists Far Away, Speeding Treatment

And, by the way, I just read an online review about Logitech's new PC or Laptop webcam that delivers high definition 720p 2-megapixel (8 megapixel photos) for $79.99.   That's a whole lot of image for not a lot of money!

Add to that the opportunity to acquire quality surgery by highly trained specialists for around 10% of the cost of US based healthcare systems and things get really interesting.  Granted, regulation, quality of service and legal recourse are not the same in a foreign country.   Read about off shore surgery at:

Read about Medical tourism options at:

Low Cost Hip Replacement While on Vacation

American Insurance Plan May Cover Cost of Major Surgery Outside US

So, much like the challenge to the American automotive industry came from overseas and the answer was in technological innovation delivering better quality cars, improvements to the American healthcare industry will come from both technological innovation and worldwide competition.

Now, let's free the marketplace from onerous government intervention and allow both technological and competitive innovation work their magic.
Michael Ritsema

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