Still using tapes for backup? There's a far better way to protect your data assets. At i3 Business Solutions we've been working with customers over the last 12 months to move away from unreliable tape to the the reliability of offsite backup and disaster recovery.

The bMighty blog has a nice summary of a Forrester report and what this means for you:

 "How The Cloud Will Transform Disaster Recovery Services identifies a gap between old-school recovery from tape, which is affordable but doesn't offer much in the way of continuity protection because it takes so long to restore; and very expensive, enterprise-targeted high-end recovery services.

Forrester foresees existing online backup providers plus new entrants into the market starting to leverage cloud storage to offer reasonably priced options with reasonably quick recovery times that might entice SMBs away from their tape backups."

via In Case Of Disaster, Turn To Cloud | Blogs For Small Business and Mid-Sized Business.

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