I remain adamant that the answer to the majority of our societal and economic problems lie in entrepreneurial innovation and private sector free market competition.

Here's another example of individuals taking personal risk and innovating with new ideas to deliver value to mankind.  Apply economies of scale to healthcare and deliver superior quality at lower prices.  Read about it in the November 21, 2009 Wall Street Journal:

The Henry Ford of Heart Surgery

In India, a Factory Model for Hospitals Is Cutting Costs and Yielding Profits

Six million people are expected to travel outside the United States to acquire innovative and less expensive medical care.  Costa Rica, Mexico and soon the Cayman Islands will offer high quality low-cost procedures.  These procedures can cost as little as 10% of the cost in the United States!

No, I wouldn't risk my health to save $100,000 on heart surgery ... but if I believed I could get a Lexus quality procedure for one quarter the price of an AMC quality USA production, I might consider this alternative.

Apparently a whole lot of people already are.

I repeat, private sector and free market options do have answers for many of our toughest problems.

As we say on the golf course, let the big dog hunt.

Michael Ritsema
i3 Business Solutions, LLC

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