If you or your friends had a pretty tough year (or decade), you're not alone.  Actually the entire US economy had a rough run for the last ten years.   The stock market delivered the worst ten year run in ... history - according to the Wall Street Journal!

Investors Hope the '10s Beat the '00s

Since End of 1999, U.S. Stocks' Performance Has Been the All-Time Clunker; Even 1930s Beat It

But wait, there's more.  By almost any measure, the average American is worse off than the decade of the '90s. 

  • Personal Income is up a meager 5%
  • Net Worth is down 14%
  • Gross Employment is up .5%.  

That delivers the worst performing decade in my lifetime and then some - 60 years actually.  Again the Wall Street Journal:

DECEMBER 22, 2009

The Dimming of a Beacon

Riding High at the Start of the 2000s, the Nation's Economic Model Had a Rocky Ride

Good news though:  I believe the next decade will be fantastic!  We will bounce back!

Michael Ritsema
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