Rich Karlgaard presenting at Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce, Jan 2009

GR Press photo of Rich Karlgaard at Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce, Jan 2009

Rich Karlgaard is the editor of Forbes, a prolific witer, and talks all over the country, and isn't always right. However, he's one of the brightest business leaders out there in the publishing world.

Last January he spoke at the Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce annual lunch and went out on a limb by saying that already he saw signs of recovery from The Recession-- when most everyone else was still in shock, fearful and reeling from the financial meltdown of the preceding months.

Rich has an intriguing list of predictions for the coming decade, and all are worthy of a read.

Me, I'm thinking over number 9:

"9. One Cloud Company Or Another Becomes the Most Valuable Company on Earth

"Moore’s Law continues at the pace of 2x every two years. Bandwidth improves 3x every two years. These trends predict ubiquitous cloud cover for planet earth. Who will own the giant fog machine? Google? Cisco? Microsoft? Amazon? Huawei?"

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