Can one little button change everything?

"Facebook this week announced a new way to express your interests -- a "Like" button that's set to appear all around the web. Click the button, and the Web page is shared with your friends.

What's more, every "Like" you submit ensures Facebook (and its partner sites) can deliver a more personalized experience to you.

It's a simple yet powerful feature -- one that delivers a significant blow to rival Twitter. Once the network effects take hold, it's frankly hard to imagine how any company could unseat Facebook's social networking dominance in the months to come. Without a counterattack, even Google may one day be dethroned."

It's sounds like a preposterous claim, until you remember what that simple little search engine with the funny name went on to accomplish in less than 10 years:

Google in 1998

The little search engine that could

via How Facebook won the web -

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