Facebook works for me to keep in touch with family and friends, but... can be an awful waste of time, what with all those Mafia Wars and farmer game players  distracting you at every turn. Twitter? Useful, maybe, but also confusing, overwhelming and an even greater time sink.

I do like LinkedIn. There, I've said it. It's business-oriented, professional, clean, and nobody seems to be trying to play games on it. It works for me, it works for my employer, and has opened up to the new sharing-oriented nature of social media well:

"LinkedIn is repositioning itself as a hub for sharing articles and information with your business contacts. The new sharing features take a ton of obvious cues from Facebook and its share infrastructure. It is even launching lnkd.in today, which ties directly in with its Twitter integration."

Will it adapt to the new challenges from rivals like Facebook? I hope so.

via LinkedIn Launches Tons of New Link-Sharing Features [PICS].

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