i3 Business Solutions, LLC participates in an international peer group called Heartland Technology Group.  Heartland Technology Group (HTG) is  recognized as a leading peer group in the information technology industry.  It is composed of 250 companies focused on small to mid-size business support.  Ideas on management of people, process, performance and practice are the foundation for this industry initiative.

Kathy Labozzetta i3 Business Solutions with HTG 5

Kathy Labozzetta of i3 Business Solutions with HTG 5 Team

 Our peer group, HTG5 was awarded member group of the year out of the 22 peer groups at this year’s conference. Participation in this collaborative effort enables us to quickly compare ourselves to others in the industry, validate our strategy and decision making and go to market quickly with leading solutions and best practices that are proven and reliable.

 These solutions include:

  • Virtualization
  • Managed Service IT Support Offerings
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Storage Solutions
  • Web Applications
  • Microsoft Solutions
  • Technology and Service Delivery Tools
  • Product Offerings
  • Input and Support from Key Industry Vendors

 HTG differentiates itself from other industry groups by having a very open “Go Giver” philosophy for sharing of business ideas including open financials, sales, marketing and operational methodologies with common business financial benchmarks & metrics.  Open discussion and action plans for development of people and work/life balance are also a focus.

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