Lots of interesting technology inititiaves around West Michigan:

"We're connecting the dots on what's already out there," says Engelsma, associate professor in Grand Valley State University's School of Computing, where he leads the mobile computing laboratory. He says the advent of apps running on smart phones that amount to personal computerin a person's pocket can greatly enhance the efficiency of the market to reach consumers -- and vice versa.

Engelsma, 43, and a team of three students -- Alejandro Montoya, 28; Greg Zavitz, 19; and Joseph Roth, 20 -- have begun working closely with researchers at Motorola to deploy an experimental application "in the wild" to study how emerging mobile technology can enhance retail loyalty, customer satisfaction, and leverage social persuasion. They hope to launch the app in a month or so.

"Because the smart phone knows where it is, everything that's up in the clouds can be accessed real-time from anywhere in the world," Engelsma says. "The consumer has a real-time consumer guide in their pocket at all times."

Apps for mobile phones that help consumers do research while they are out shopping started to make strong inroads last year. After being loaded into smart phones such as the Motorola Droid or Apple iPhone, some apps can help shoppers find the best prices on goods depending on the location."

via Motorola Taps GVSU for Smart Phone Research.

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