Once upon a time, there was a real need for PDFs. And as a lowest common denominator kind of thing, PDFs still work as a quick & dirty way to "freeze" a document, print it, and/or email it off. But Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF) monopoly is quickly becoming a security liability, as this slide show points out:

"Once considered one of the safest attachments around, the PDF format is becoming a fan favorite among cybercriminals lookingto spread their malcode, infect machines and beef up their botnets. We take a look new data that shows just how dangerous the PDF format has become, how hackers are using malicious PDFs to perpetrate attacks and what you can do to protect against them."

And for a web geek's perspective, click over to Jakob Nielsen's PDF: Unfit for Human Consumption .

via Pretty Dangerous Format: The Rising Trend of PDF Attacks - Security news from Channel Insider.

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