The benefits of Cloud computing and SaaS applications are many, but many business and IT people aren't quite comfortable with the shift. The two things things I hear most often are fears about security, and fears of losing 'control.' A CIO wites about this at

 "The fear of control comes up most often with cloud based infrastructure. People are more comfortable ceding control of applications and using them on a Software-as-a-Service basis. End users, who are often the buyers of SaaS, never had control in the first place, so they do not feel they are missing out on anything. But even for SaaS, there is a loss of control that has been shown recently as ( CRM - news - people ) announced its Chatter product. At companies all across the globe, a screen splashed up offering Chatter as an extension to the existing application.

While we are used to seeing this on consumer software, it is another thing to see it in an enterprise application. IT staff were surprised when end-users with administrator privileges chose to install Chatter for hundreds or thousands of users. It is likely that SaaS vendors will market their products proactively without asking permission until users complain. This is a loss of control."

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