I’m no art aficionado nor do I claim to enjoy perusing the world’s finest collections of art. But I will say that the inaugural ArtPrize Grand Rapids event last year rocked my cultural orientation.

I mean opera, symphony, plays and art museums aren’t my standard weekly fare. I’m a sports, activity, adrenaline type junky.

ArtPrize Grand Rapids 2009 was a great time though! I loved it! I trekked to downtown Grand Rapids three times to take in the venues! I thrived on the conversation about the definition of fine art. I mean – who gets to pick or designate great art? You, me, the artists, the judges or cultural elitist art specialists?  Let's engage in that conversation.  What do you like?  I'll tell you what I like.

Well, I’m going back this year and i3 Business Solutions is throwing a party around the whole ArtPrize event!   Join us in downtown Grand Rapids on Thursday, September 30th around dinner time at the Tre Cugini Atrium.

Call, e-mail, text me - or anyone at i3 - or hit the registration page to sign up! 

Let’s embrace the drama, culture, fun and fellowship of the buzz and action around ArtPrize 2010!

Mike Ritsema
i3 Business Solutions, LLC

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