This poster from resonates with me.  I talk to my children about it a fair amount, too.  It’s especially applicable in the technology industry.  This industry is roiling and churning.  It’s changing and catapulting forward.  The inexorable wheels of technology grind forward.  Are you keeping up?  Am I keeping up?

How does one define wisdom anyway?  Is it the highest IQ in the room?  Is it the most degreed individual?  Is it the most ‘professional’, coiffed, presentable person?  Could it be the most effective person?  The person who gets things done? The person who figures it out?

I mean, how relevant is the knowledge acquired in the mid '60s, ‘70s or ‘80s?  Thomas Edison and Bill Gates never graduated from College!  They’re fairly well respected.   Isn’t the ability to learn, enjoying ever learning and choosing to learn new things of significant value?



Regardless of your or my definition of Wisdom, one thing is certain:  continuous learning has significant value – especially in the technology industry.  George Santayana said, "The wisest mind has something yet to learn."  Amen, teach me something I don't know.

You’re contributing to your organization.  You’re contributing substantially and measurably.  Seek to learn more – seek new ideas, observe, study and apply your daily experience. Trust yourself as your wisdom grows.

Bring your great and unique wisdom to the ever changing world of business and technology.

Michael Ritsema
i3 Business Solutions, llc

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