We had a fire at our house on Friday night!

Umm, this was an intentional fire.  We invited around 20 people to sit around the “campfire”, converse and eat S’mores.  Does life get any better than that?  I mean the shared experience of staring at the fire and catching up with those around you.  A beautiful fall full moon night went wonderfully.  Occasionally, I heard, “Great fire, Mike.”   I’d reply, “Thank you very much, years of experience.”  I mean, a few twigs, a few logs, a little lighter fluid and a match – and I’m a specialist.


S'mores - who toasts the Graham Crackers?

That’s what life and work is though, right?  Gathering around a shared experience to embrace life’s drama with friends and acquaintances.

At i3 Business Solutions we gather around integrating technology solutions to accelerate business results.  I maintain that at its simplest level all our customers want to do is work faster to be more productive in order to generate more profits.  And more productivity and profits mean more capital investment which means more jobs.  That's the definition of 'capitalism.'  That’s the problem with America in the recession right now (or anytime), Gross Domestic Product (GDP - productivity) isn’t growing – in fact it’s been shrinking – and Michigan’s been shrinking faster than the entire country for the last decade.  So, less GDP growth, higher unemployment equals recession.

Here’s an example of improving productivity to accelerate results.  Anne & I called on a customer last week.  The customer complained about how long it took every day to ‘shutdown’ her PC:  3 – 6 minutes and other PCs at 5 – 10 minutes.  I asked her if she ever used “standby”.  She said, “No – what’s that?”  We showed her on the way out and suggested that she try it. 

Now, here’s the acceleration ROI – Return On Investment: 3 minutes each morning and night x 5 days per week x 50 weeks per year = 25 hours per year.  If her productivity time is worth just $50 / hour, then the we just handed her 25 hours of productivity per year and handed the organization over $1,000 of value per year.  That’s fundamentally and simplistically what we do in many different ways for organizations.  That’s all organizations really want from i3.  Just help me do more with less and for less.  Just help me be more effective – in my business and with my technology.  “Please help me with productivity ReliabilITy,” our customers are saying to us.

That’s the business that we’re in.   We work with organizations to deliver technology services and solutions to accelerate their organizational results.  We help organizations increase productivity in order to be more profitable.   

We’re helping haul this state and nation out of a recession!

And we’re finding a way to have fun doing it – I know that I am. 

Michael Ritsema
i3 Business Solutions, llc
accelerating business results

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