I love the journey of life – I love the journey of business.  I love the ups and downs – I love the challenges and opportunities.  I certainly prefer the ups to the downs.  

A big part of the journey for me is introspection.   As one of my customers said to me recently “Where are my blind spots?  Can I see and am I willing to look at my own blind spots?”   Oh boy, that’s introspection, that’s clarity and simplicity. 

Can I, will I not only be authentic, forthright and direct with others – but can I, will I be authentic, forthright and direct with myself?   That’s part of  life's personal and business  journey – if we choose it.  Here’s a couple of ways an e-Newsletter put it to me:

Seed of Authenticity

Dare to be your own person. Dare to stand out. People will like you or not, but they will be in no doubt as to who you are and what you stand for. Let your light shine and express your unique style in the world. Your authenticity will carry permission and confidence for others to shine their unique light.

Say to yourself: I live an authentic life and encourage others to be all they can be.

Seed of Authenticity

Your true calling is like a sound activated light switch. You find your voice and immediately your light shines bright. Your words come easily, the message is clear and it’s so consistent with your life that your light shows others the way to their true calling. Voice some authentic truths today and stand in your light.

Say to yourself: I speak my truth clearly. Authenticity lights my path.

Be yourself, say it, bring it.  Be bold and forthright with others while searching for your own blind spots.

Let’s embrace this journey together,

Michael Ritsema
i3 Business Solutions, llc

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