I read a great short article about Steve Jobs over the weekend.  You can find it and read it here:

The Amazing Steve Jobs Story

He ranks in the industrial pantheon along with Edison and Ford.


Steve Jobs started Macintosh Computer – then was kicked out – then pulled back in.  He then managed to create the highest valued company in the world – more value than Exxon for a brief period of time.  The Apple iPod, iPhone, iPad platform is genius – from both a consumer value and business value perspective.

And, yes, some say that books will be written about Steve Jobs’ ability toinnovate comparing his business prowess to the great ones like Edison, Ford, Watson and (yes) Bill Gates.

But here’s the line from the article that jumped out at me:  “… It was an astonishing achievement, emblematic of a man meeting his momentcompletely, when few men get a chance to meet their moments even partially.”  Wow, there is the stuff of life, living, embracing and the pursuit of happiness, I think.

In fact, I hope and believe that each of us will and can attain that level.  I mean I believe that each and every one of us can meet our moment completely – if we so choose.   This is America the land of the free.  We’re free to choose.  The question is – what is that moment for you?  It might be spiritual, it might be a physical, it might be educational, it might be parenting, it might be relational, it might be emotional or it might be business.  It may change over time – while I do firmly believe that any of us can accomplish our life’s goals if we so choose.

Steve Jobs’ life of ups and downs, rejection then savior, health and now serious cancer illness ending his amazing career early is a life lesson for every one of us.  I only hope that each of us can figure out how to pursue our life’s moment.

Around here we have ‘Life Story’ Funeral homes.  We’re often asked, “What would you like as your epitaph on your headstone in the cemetery?”   I’m still saying just do it – figure it out and go for it.  I challenge you to complete your own amazing life’s story.

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